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The winning gifts!

The winning gifts!

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So the holiday season has ended, whew, tiring but fun!  I love giving gifts and seeing if I got it right.  The challenge is trying to think of fun gifts that will be long-lasting, and that they won't tire of after a few weeks.  I thought that I would share the winners from this holiday season.  The gifts that brought the biggest smiles from the kids in my life.   The first is Buckyballs.  These are tiny, strong magnets that have occupied many hours of fun in my house.  Definitely a choking hazard so I wouldn't recommend them for kids under 5.  My kids also got Spooner Boards which are cool balance boards for twirling and tricks.  We are especially excited to see the fun we can have with them in the snow.  If it ever snows this winter! Workbooks were another gift this year.  My 9 yr old likes these scrabble sticker workbooks.  Finally, I entered Justice at the mall for the first time. Tons of stuff, but my big find were these cozy fleece blanket/pillow sets that my girls loved.  Anyway, I know your shopping is done too, but thought I would share in case you want to stock up for birthday gifts now that everything is on sale! SCRABBLE: Sticker Word PuzzlesDreams Pillow & Blanket Set

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