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“I cannot tell you how much your belts have helped ease our concerns for our son being on his own for 8 hours a day and prevented a ”bathroom accident” from occurring along with providing my son with the uniform belt he is required to wear at Catholic school.”
-MG, California

“the best thing since sliced bread for a skinny kid” 
– T.K. Sterling Heights, MI

“I cannot thank you enough for your product. As the mom of a preschooler who is very skinny, potty-training, AND autistic, your belts have made life so much easier for our family in so many ways. Thanks for taking three very difficult situations and solving them all with one amazing belt!”
N.N., California

“This is such an amazing idea!!”

”Myself Belts have been a godsend through potty training, and I have total confidence that I can send my 5 yr old to Kindergarten in the fall in his belt without him needing to ask the teacher to help him.” B.B.

“I ordered a Train Myself Belt for a friend’s child. He is on the skinny side, and this belt is perfect! He loves being able to close it all by himself. His mom was ecstatic, and so was I! The many different styles were great, and I’m sure my friend will be ordering again from there. I will, also, once my little one is big enough to wear one. Thanks for offering a great product!”

I’ve always appreciate the personal service I’ve received from your business – quite commendable for an online company.”

“I want to say how happy I am with your product. My 5 year old son was a little anxious to wear a belt to school, which is part of his uniform. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get the belt and his pants undone before he had to use the bathroom. He came home from school and said, ‘Thank you so much for buying that belt. It was easy!”. Thank you so much for inventing it!”
J.Z. Baltimore, MD

“These are such a terrific invention! My son always waits until the LAST minute to use the restroom, but has no trouble managing the belt in time!”

“This is one of our grandson’s prized possessions. He can fasten it all by himself and is so proud.”

“We have really enjoyed your product and it has made kindergarten uniforms MUCH easier.”

“I just wanted to tell you that I love your belts. I have an autistic son who has a lot of difficulty with buckles so your belt was the answer to our problem. I have told many mothers of autistic children about the belts.”

“Our preschool discourages us from dressing kids in things like overalls and traditional buckle belts-because they want them to be fully self-sufficient undressing and re-dressing in the potty. This belt he can wear to school- since he can do it by himself-and can still wear those slightly-too-big-in-the-waist pants without them falling down!”
– J.M.-Virginia

“My son had the belt on today and his pants stayed up for the first time that I can remember. Thanks!”
– M.M.- Washington

“Daniel loves his new belt. Everytime I put his pants on in the morning he says “firetruck, firetruck” and he always helps me put it on. Such a wonderful belt”
– A.W.- New Jersey

“Your belts have been a blessing for my ‘skinny’ boys (we can’t make the adjustable jeans and pants small enough, and regular belts are still too hard to work) Thanks so much.”

“My daughter was wearing overalls this morning (so no need for the belt)… she actually waved goodbye to her purple flower belt saying “bye-bye purple belt” as we left to go to work this morning!”
– K.S. -New York

“My son won’t wear any pants now that do not have belt loops. HE HAS TO WEAR HIS NEW BELT! …He loves being able to do it by himself”
– D.W. -Iowa

“This is a Godsend. Thank you for coming up with a potty training belt!”
– L.S. -Missouri

“This is a genius product! I have 2 boys & these belts are perfect for the both of them. My 5 year old is autistic and this just makes that one thing a little easier. And my 9 year old has a fairly common nickel allergy. I’ve struggled to find a belt his size that wouldn’t give him a reaction. Now I have! Even with the snap on the belt, it’s on the inside so I do that and he’s set and it never comes in contact with his skin. I will definitely be back for more. From a grateful mother, thank you.”
– C.C.

“I received my order and my son loves it! No more fighting with those belts with school uniforms. I am a teacher at an elementary school and plan to recommend it to parents. Thanks for such a great product.”
– J.L., Louisiana

“I love your belts! This is my second order. He’s only in pre k, but his school has a uniform policy that the pre k grades have to follow. It’s so hard finding a belt that’s easy on and off for a little guy! And to add to the difficulty, my son is really big for his age, so I was so glad to see that you have bigger sizes as well. I’ve told other moms at his school about your belts. Great product!”
– W.G. FL

“I am your best advertisement. I own 3 and will keep purchasing as my kids are string beans! My Aussie pals have seen them on my kids and loved them. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Your belts aren’t only great but you have great customer service too!”
– J.B., Australia

“I am a long time buyer of your FANTASTIC product and I just want to thank you for it. I have a little girl with no buttocks whatsoever who is constantly accused of wanting to be a plumber! You have saved our modesty.”
– M.E., NC

“We received Caleb’s belt in the mail today – and I wanted to reply and let you know that we are EXTREMELY happy with this product! Caleb is autistic, and I wanted to purchase the belt so teachers in his school could easily identify him. He loves it, and wanted to wear it immediately. The velcro makes it very easy for him when he needs to run to the restroom in a hurry…As a mother, this provides alot of relief from worry for me when my little one is at school. Thank you so much!!!!”
– G.L.

“I wanted to let you know that my daughter and I absolutely love the pink size small belt. It is absolutely perfect because she can do the belt herself, and she is 3 so she has to do everything herself. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful product!!”
– A.C., North Carolina

“The belts are fantastic! The quality is great and they are so perfect for smaller children who need a belt but can’t quite master a traditional buckle! This is my second order. The first two arrived yesterday and my boys love them. Shipping was very quick!”

“Thank you very much! We LOVE myselfbelts! Our son is 5 years old and just has not gotten the hang of a real belt yet. These are perfect and make it so much easier for him to use a belt.”
– S.C., Arkansas

Belt Size Age Waist Size Weight
XS 2 2T or 18"-20" 25-31 lbs.
S 3 3T or 20"-21½" 32-35 lbs.
M 4 4T or 21"-22½" 36-40 lbs.
L 5 5T or 22"-23½" 40-44 lbs.
XL 6 6 or 23"-24½" 44-48 lbs.
7/8 24½"-26"
9/10 26-28"
11/12 28-29½"

Please note: Myself Belts run slightly small.If you are choosing between two sizes, size up! All belts are 1" wide. Adult belts are 1½" wide. When measuring your child's waist, make sure that you measure where the pants rest on his/her body and not the true waist.