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It is amazing how differently days can begin and how the tone of the morning circus of getting out the door can impact your day.  I am sure that all parents can relate.  Some days: rested happy children, clothes clean and ready, shoes where they are supposed to be, clock seems to be moving at a nice pace.  Other days: irritable children, can't find an outfit to wear, missing shoes, lost homework, time speeding faster than normal.  I have found sometimes that the biggest danger is having an extra 10 minutes.  This sets the routine off the tracks, kids engage in activities and get distracted and then it is almost impossible to get back on track and out the door. We all want to start our days strong and ready for a new day, children and parents alike.  How best to do this?   Would love to hear your tricks to a smooth start to your day.  Clothes out the night before, homework in the backback, shoes by the door.  What else helps your transition from house to school?

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