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Our Story

How it Began..

Two sisters, Talia Bahr Goldfarb, a mom and social worker, and Danielle Bahr Eason, a mom and retail industry veteran, joined forces to invent Myself Belts™, the belt kids can fasten themselves.

"The story began when I realized the importance of children’s belts after our toddler became potty trained. Our son’s pants kept stretching out at the waist from being repeatedly pulled down when he used the bathroom. By the end of the day he would run around with one hand holding his pants up! We looked all over for a boys belt but could not find one that our son could use himself. All of the belts were merely smaller sized versions of adult belts that his little hands could not fasten, especially in those critical moments when nature called. We decided to take matters into our own hands and began developing belts for kids!"


"When Talia shared her kids belt dilemma with me, I was intrigued and hoped I could offer some creative ideas. I researched children’s belts in stores, tinkered with various materials, and eventually came up with the perfect solution. Together, Talia and I finalized the design and produced a patented, innovative belt for kids, which is child-friendly and promotes independence! Myself Belts is the perfect name for our product since kids can proudly use the velcro belt on their own!"


"We are so pleased that our one-handed closure is now offered for individuals of all ages! We are thrilled that our easy to fasten belt closure can also help teens and adults with special needs and hand dexterity challenges.  We love that our belts can help those with hand-dexterity issues or other limitations regain independence."
-Talia & Danielle


Myself Belts 2.0

Appearing on Season 6 of Shark Tank and partnering with Daymond John was a whirlwind of an experience.  We are so grateful to have Daymond in our corner and are so excited about some amazing endeavors in the works!

Belt Size Age Waist Size Weight
XS 2 2T or 18"-20" 25-31 lbs.
S 3 3T or 20"-21½" 32-35 lbs.
M 4 4T or 21"-22½" 36-40 lbs.
L 5 5T or 22"-23½" 40-44 lbs.
XL 6 6 or 23"-24½" 44-48 lbs.
7/8 24½"-26"
9/10 26-28"
11/12 28-29½"

Please note: Myself Belts run slightly small.If you are choosing between two sizes, size up! All belts are 1" wide. Adult belts are 1½" wide. When measuring your child's waist, make sure that you measure where the pants rest on his/her body and not the true waist.