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Hi everyone, With the arrival of summer we have being doing one of our favorite things, going through hand-me-downs! As moms with more than one child, hand-me-down clothing is one of our biggest saviors. Whether clothing gets handed down from friends, family members, or older siblings, hand-me-downs can be a wonderful time and money saver. Sharing with friends and family is a fun way to see our favorite clothes live on. I love seeing one of my child's favorite things on a family friend as it brings up great memories of remembering the clothing on my own kids. It's crazy as they grow up to remember them so small. It's also amazing how a t-shirt or pair of pants can elicit so many memories. While some pieces of clothing may not hold up as well over time, we've found that well-made pieces can stand up to many washes and wearings. We find that it's necessary to go through the bags of clothing we've accumulated every season, pass on what doesn't fit, and take out what now does. Make sure to have your kids try on everything and not assume that a size 6 is still a size 6 (several washing/dryings can change the shape and size of clothing significantly). We have even heard from friends about Myself Belts being passed on to them in a hand me down bag- we love hearing that the belts have stood the test of time! If you find yourself with a bunch of clothing and nobody to hand it down to, don't throw it away! Find your local Goodwill and donate it there. There is sure to be someone else who can use it. -Danielle and Talia

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