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Getting Dressed

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Hi everyone, We both know how frustrating it can be getting your kids dressed in the morning! Whether your child wants to wear everything in their closet all at once, the same t-shirt everyday, or stripes with polka dots with plaid, the daily fighting over what to wear can be difficult and tiring. My (Talia's) youngest daughter (aged almost 4) is at the stage where she needs several choices in the morning. I find that laying out several options for her is the easiest way to have a calm morning. If I give her only one choice, she won't want to wear it. But if I let her choose from several choices, she's always happy. My older daughter (aged 6) is beginning to choose her own clothes without my help. Though this can end up in an interesting outfit of striped pants and a flower-patterned shirt, the pride she gets from choosing her own outfits is worth it! Do you all have any strategies for helping your kids get dressed in the morning? Share them in the comments section! -Danielle and Talia

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