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MYSELF BELTS - Pirate Print Easy Velcro Belt For Toddlers/Kids

MYSELF BELTS - Pirate Print Easy Velcro Belt For Toddlers/Kids

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Crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, our belts feature a buckle and unique Velcro closure system, eliminating the need for traditional buckles. Say goodbye to frustrating belt loops and struggling with cumbersome clasps – with Myself Belts, securing your pants is as simple as a gentle press.

Perfect for children learning to dress independently, individuals with dexterity challenges, or anyone seeking a stylish and practical accessory, our belts offer effortless dressing for every occasion. Choose from a variety of trendy designs and vibrant colors to complement any outfit, whether it's casual wear or formal attire.

Experience the freedom of self-sufficiency and the confidence of impeccable style with Myself Belts. Elevate your wardrobe and simplify your routine with the belt that's as unique as you are.

Size ChartView Size Chart
Belt Size Age Waist Size Weight
XS 2 2T or 18"-20" 25-31 lbs.
S 3 3T or 20"-21½" 32-35 lbs.
M 4 4T or 21"-22½" 36-40 lbs.
L 5 5T or 22"-23½" 40-44 lbs.
XL 6 6 or 23"-24½" 44-48 lbs.
7/8 24½"-26"
9/10 26-28"
11/12 28-29½"

Please note: Myself Belts run slightly small.If you are choosing between two sizes, size up! All belts are 1" wide. Adult belts are 1.25" wide. When measuring your child's waist, make sure that you measure where the pants rest on his/her body and not the true waist.

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