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11890621_10153218686952144_8107660429806011951_o   I try to go through the world with a feeling of kindness and gratitude, greeting others that I pass during the day with a smile, having a little banter, and trying to connect.  We try to infuse our Facebook page with positive messages and quote, something that will make you smile, and just bringing some humanity to the crazy world of parenting. One of my favorite aspects of Myself Belts is providing excellent customer service.  We love talking with customers via phone and email, speaking with stores who carry Myself Belts, and answering questions about our innovative belt.  We all get such energy from human contact- out in the world, in our jobs.. everywhere.  I saw this poster at my child's school and loved it.  What if we all just "threw kindness like confetti"- how awesome would that be?!    

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