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Occupational Therapists Rock!

Occupational Therapists Rock!

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  IMG_4604 We spent part of last week at the annual AOTA conference and had a table in their exhibition hall.  What an amazing experience.  The OT's were so excited about how Myself Belts could help their patients.  They were thrilled about the variety of people that could benefit- from children heading off to school, to patients with only the use of one hand, to stroke patients, clients with autism, all could benefit from simplifying dressing.  The phrase heard over and over again was "It's so OT!".  Many of the people who we talked with had seen our Shark Tank appearance and had wondered why the Occupational Therapy benefits hadn't been mentioned.  I told them how disappointed I had been that that segment had been edited out of the airing and how much I wished that the benefits for those with special needs had been explicitly stated.  Oh well....the OT's recognized that our innovative belt was "so OT!" Ashley and I had a great time meeting so many incredible professionals who help so many in their daily work.  Looking forward to returning to the AOTA conference next year!

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