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Family Games

Family Games

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I've been reminded in recent weeks, how much fun family game days/nights can be.  When as a family, we can all unplug, gather, and spend some quality time enjoying each other's company- it is such special time.  Amidst the hectic days of driving in circles and racing from here to there, times when we get to stop and just "be" are so welcome.  I am also realizing how fleeting they are and how we need to make time to have these memories. I have been reflecting on how our games have changed over the years as the kids have gotten older.  I have such memories of each stage and what we enjoyed at the time. When they were little, it was family puzzles.  I remember our floor covered with so many large floor puzzles and my son not wanting to take them apart when he was finished.  pic94441_t UNO-Original--pTRU1-2788807dtThen as they became toddlers and preschoolers it was Hullabaloo, Candy Land, Memory Games.  With Elementary School came Uno and Bananagrams.  Now our latest discovery is Rummikub- a fun game with numbers.  Everyone gets in on the fun and nothing is better than when my youngest child wins and beats her older siblings and even her parents.  Now those are fun memories!! What are some of your favorite games for family game night?  We would love for you to share them with us!

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