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Road Trip a Success

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Hi Everyone, I just got back from our first holiday road trip and it was a success!  8 hours each way in the car and we arrived home with smiles.  I never would have imagined that it would have gone by so quickly and that we would be eagerly awaiting the next time. I had talked about a game plan with lots of experienced friends and stocked up on the essentials.. lots of food(fruit, goldfish, chocolate, chips), new activity books, magnet books, movies, music but still worried if I had enough to entertain my 3 kids.  Shockingly, the DVD player was barely used as the kids preferred singing, playing the license plate game, and just looking out the window.  My 4 yr old fell asleep for a couple of hours so that was a treat for us all.  No one fought or argued, and somehow we all were happy in our space in the car.  The most requested song was "I gotta feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. I hadn't thought about how nice it would be to have some time with my hubby where we could just be and talk about whatever popped into our heads without the usual interruptions of life outside of the car.  Quality family time can take place anywhere, and doesn't always have to be at a dinner table looking each other in the eye.  Driving on an endless highway can also provide meaningful memories and a chance to just "be" together. Maybe there is a road trip in your future this holiday season.  If so, make sure to pack lots of food and some good tunes! Talia

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