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Back To School

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Hi Everyone, It has been 2 weeks since our crew has started school and it is nice to be back into the post summer groove. There are so many emotions that come with dropping off your children for school. Whether it be a new school, new grade, or first day in kindergarten, there is so much that goes through our children's heads when they head back to school as well as our own feelings about these milestones as parents. For some parents, it is emotional and hard to separate from their preschoolers for the school day as we then look in the mirror and think "are they okay?" "do they need me anymore?" "who are we?" during these hours and "what do we do?" and simply "I miss them!" For others there is a feeling of success at having gotten our kids this far and having successfully meandered our way through the baby/toddler/sleepless/ and often overwhelming stages of early parenthood. Knowing that your kids are happy and safe in their new school is essential to a positive adjustment. Meeting teachers, parents, and hearing about your kids' day help everyone to feel a part of the same school story. We are enjoying the shift from our tiring summer fun, to some quiet moments not as moms, but just as people- where work can be done without guilt, a quick trip to the grocery store can be made(alone!), relationships with friends can be nurtured, and then we get to feel that excitement at 3:30 to pick up everyone and see their smiling faces and hear about everything that we missed! Enjoy your back to school adventures! Talia and Danielle

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