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Wanda's Roses

Wanda's Roses

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Wanda finds a thorny bush in a vacant lot and decides that it must be a rosebush that needs a little attention. She thinks about it, does library research, and tends the plant regularly, as various neighbors stop by and attempt gently to talk the child out of her rosy hopes. A month of watering, waiting, and clearing away surrounding trash brings no blooms; undaunted, Wanda attaches paper flowers to her special bush and invites the neighbors to a tea party to see the "rose garden." Cocca-Leffler's droll and friendly gouache and colored-pencil illustrations show a parade of six neighbors of various ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds on their way to the party, each bearing a blooming rosebush for the hostess. This story of one person's faith against all odds and a caring community is told simply and with good humor. - School Library Journal