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The Today Show

Posted on February 03, 2009

Hi everyone, We were recently featured on NBC's The Today Show and didn't even know it! Our brother was watching the show on the east coast and saw Myself Belts being included in a segment of the show. He called Talia who was then able to watch the broadcast when it was replayed for the central time zone audience. We can't believe we almost missed it! The belts were featured in a segment on "trends that will get you talking." We love how excited Mario Cantone gets about the belts; he's hilarious throughout the whole segment! We link to the...

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Happy New Years!

Posted on January 27, 2009

Hi everyone, We know it's a couple weeks late, but happy 2009 to everyone! We both had a wonderful new years, spending time with our families and enjoying the cold weather as much as possible. We hope you all had a good first few weeks of 2009 and continue to enjoy a happy and healthy year. -Danielle and Talia

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Posted on December 04, 2008

Hi everyone, We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the spirit of the holiday season. No matter what holiday you and your family celebrate, the holidays are a great time of year to spend extra time with your loved ones. As working moms with busy kids, we know it can get difficult to have family dinners and family activities. We've thought of some fun things we do with our families that you might enjoy too. If you live in a cold place that gets a lot of snow, go sledding or ice skating! Not only are...

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Talia on

Posted on December 04, 2008

Hi everyone, Talia and Myself Belts were recently featured on KMOV Channel 4. KMOV is a St. Louis-based television station that has been broadcasting in St. Louis since 1954. It's always fun when Myself Belts is featured on TV, in magazines, and online. Not only does it expand our customer base, but we always have a fun time sharing Myself Belts with new people. Click here to check out the video! -Danielle and Talia

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Posted on November 18, 2008

Hi everyone, Here at Myself Belts we're all about loving life as a mom, and we're constantly trying to find other websites embracing the same thought. One of our favorite mom-themed sites is PeaceLoveMom. PeaceLoveMom has great t-shirts, thermals, and tanks decorated with sentiments such as "Happy Mom" and "Lucky Mom." The shirts come in great colors with fun designs and also come in styles for kids and babies. -Danielle and Talia

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Newest Celebrity Customers!

Posted on October 23, 2008

Hi everyone, We wanted to share some great news with everyone - Shaunie and Shaquille O'Neal are the latest celebrity fans of Myself Belts! Shaunie recently wrote us a lovely note after ordering many personalized belts for her kids: Hello Talia, The belts worked out great! I had a couple of our adult friends ask if they could get their names on their belts too, lol. My son (5yrs old) thought they were the coolest belts ever. We wouldn't mind at all if you say we are your customers. I think you have a brilliant idea and it was long...

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