Khaki Solid Canvas

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    My 5 year old daughter is beginning kindergarten where her uniforms require tucked in shirts and belts. I purchased a regular buckle black leather uniform belt, but I was concerned about her having to unbuckle and buckle it repeatedly throughout the day. She could do it, but it took her a bit of time. I saw the Myself Belts in Parents magazine. What a great idea! As soon as it arrived I had her try it on with her uniform. She was able to get it on and off in seconds. The khaki color is very light. The belt is several shades lighter than the uniform khaki Dickies shorts she is required to wear. I wish it were a more true khaki color.


Made out of soft, khaki canvas, this solid khaki belt complements any outfit. Versatile, stylish, and perfect for uniforms, this belt is a classic accessory! Imported.