Potty Training Tips

I have one of those “buttless” skinny toddlers and this XS is perfect for holding her pants up. The closure works perfect with her potty routines.” – M.F.

Be in the Know (When to Start)

The biggest question that many parents face, new and seasoned, is “When do I begin potty training?”  The typical answer, “When they’re ready.”

Simple and often mysterious, here are some clues to look for:

  • Your little one tells you when they have need a diaper change
  • He makes it obvious that he is having a bowel movement
  • She understands common potty words such as: wet, dry, clean, wash, sit, go, dirty, etc.
  • She listens to requests: putting a toy away, stopping a behavior, putting on an item of clothing, etc.
  • His attention span has increased while you read to him.
  • He LOVES to imitate and is curious when he sees someone else using a toilet
  • She has less frequent diaper changes
  • He is in the “I can do it” phase
  • Evaluate how you feel about changing diapers versus potty training.
Interested in learning more?  Download Ginsey’s Potty Training Guide.
Myself Belts are the perfect potty training aid!

When a child begins to potty train, often pants don’t fit quite right without the bulk of the diaper.  A solution to “droopy drawers” is needed, but we all want to reinforce our children’s new-found independence.  Myself Belts are the perfect solution!  Young children can keep their kids pants up and fasten and unfasten their Myself Belt easily and with only one hand.


The fun designs make Myself Belts an accessory that kids are excited to wear.  It is the perfect gift for a potty training toddler.  They can have a belt just like bigger kids and grown ups, and they can use it all by themselves!  Myself Belts are also quick and easy when kids wait until the last minute are racing to the potty.  We have a brand new size XXS for for those young toddlers who are thin and are potty training early.