How to Use

Wearing a Myself Belt is as easy as SNAPSLIDESECURE!

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When facing your child, SNAP the end of the boys belt or girls belt around the front right belt loop (child’s left), keeping the hook and loop fastener facing out.

SLIDE the rest of the child’s belts through the loops.

Join ends together to SECURE the rest of the kid’s belts through the loops.

Buckle How To

Our slide on buckle is just for show and gives the appearance of a traditional belt closure. In fact, all of our belts use our patented one-handed closure and the buckle is optional! The buckle does not actually do anything and just slides onto the belt and sits at your child’s midline. If you have more than one Myself Belt, you can move the buckle from one belt to another and you can even use it when your child grows into the next size!

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Sizing Your Belt