One year Post Shark Tank

We recently had a written Q & A with TJ of the Shark Tank Podcast.  I enjoy these opportunities to reflect on all that has happened over the past year.  Life is so busy that it is nice to have the chance to step back and realize all that has changed and shifted.  It is amazing that a year has gone by since we aired on Shark Tank on Halloween.  Check out the update on the link below!


  I try to go through the world with a feeling of kindness and gratitude, greeting others that I pass during the day with a smile, having a little banter, and trying to connect.  We try to infuse our Facebook page with positive messages and quote, something that will make you smile, and just bringing some humanity to the crazy world of parenting. One of my favorite aspects of Myself Belts is providing excellent customer service.  We love talking with customers via phone and email, speaking with stores who carry Myself Belts, and answering questions about our innovative belt.  We all get such energy from... Read More

Back To School

We are all in back to school mode, whether you are a month into school already or starting next week.  There are so many mixed emotions about heading back to school.  Missing the laziness of summer, eager for structure, disbelief that the kids are a year older, nostalgic about how fast time moves.  All of this is rolled together and makes us all excited, tired, and maybe a little confused!  We wish your kids a great start to school and hope you enjoy a few extra minutes of peace and quiet once you hustle them out the door.

Article on

So much has happened in my life and in the life of Myself Belts over the past few months.  I reflected about my lessons learned from my experiences on Shark Tank for a local website and the article was picked up by and  So exciting! Check it out if you have a chance! Talia  

The Shark Tank Experience

Anyone who watched Myself Belts on Shark Tank on Halloween knows what happened.  It was intense.  Or should I capitalize it and say INTENSE!  It truly was rough, and although I know it was a reality television show, I did feel like I had been in a fight and was definitely bruised.  It is complicated emotionally though because the story has a happy ending, a Daymond John partnership. Going In The Tank My decision to apply for Shark Tank didn’t have anything to do with money.  The “ask” was kind of arbitrary to me because I was there for a... Read More

The Myself Belts’ Road To Shark Tank

As the crazy week of our Shark Tank airing approaches, I have been reflecting on how all of this came to be…It truly is something that I never thought would actually happen.  Of course I hoped that I would have the opportunity to pitch to the sharks, introduce the world to Myself Belts, and hopefully have a new strategic partner.  These were just wishes though, crazy pipe dreams that we all have when we fantasize about exciting wild ideas. Shark Tank Isn’t For Me…Or is it? I started watching Shark Tank a few years ago when a business consultant mentioned that... Read More


Summer is officially here! As parents we often have mixed emotions about summer. Love being more carefree and less scheduled, but also sometimes challenging to create the structure that our children need!   I think there is an adjustment period for parents of school age children as we ease into the new routine, camp schedule, or no schedule at all. We have had 2 weeks of summer in our house so far and are getting into a bit of a rhythm. The library is our new favorite place and my kids have loved pouring themselves into some new books.  I... Read More

Reading Aloud

Reading together is always a favorite time at our house.  Some of the best bonding that I have with my kids is reading aloud to them at bedtime.  Of course we all read to our kids when they are little, but there is something so special about enjoying longer books together as they get older.  These books sometimes take weeks to read.  Some of the timeless choices that we have read are Tumtum and Nutmeg for younger kids, the Hank Zipzer series for kids 1st-3rd grade, The Secret Garden for kids 3rd and 4th grade, and Harry Potter for older kids. I am... Read More


The Myself Belts office just discovered a website that we LOVE!  We thought we would share our find with you.  Have you heard of Frecklebox?  It is a a great online store for that perfect, memorable gift for a young child.  Great gifts for baby, toddler, or elementary age child.  Whether it is a personalized book, binder, stickers, or lunchbox, or something decorative for their room, the options on Frecklebox are adorable.  A unique, thoughtful gift, what’s better than that? Happy Shopping!

A Wider Reach

When we invented Myself Belts many years ago, it was to help my typical potty training toddler. We knew, however, at that time that the innovative belt closure could benefit a wider group of people with many types of challenges. The fact that Myself Belts has helped the special needs community is one of the most meaningful things in running our business. Whether it is someone in the autism community, CP, downs syndrome, or a congenital issue that has affected hand function, Myself Belts has made dressing easier. We have loved hearing from parents whose children and teenagers who have... Read More