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Happy Spring!

Hi Everyone,

Spring is officially here!  We have had lots of signs of spring- some warm, sunny days, rainy days, spring cleaning, and spring break.  I hope you all are as excited as I am for getting back outside and watching things bloom.  My kids are so anxious for spring weather.  They have asked tons of questions about the seasons and daylight savings time, and they have loved getting back to the playground and pulling out their clothes for warmer weather!

Spring Break has been a combination of family time, living life a little slower paced, and enjoying some loosening of the rules related to food, tv, and bedtimes.  I have a feeling that the first day back to school is going to be a jolt back to reality for us all!  I am not looking forward to the exhausted kids that are going to greet me after school on their first day back.  Somehow, it always seems that we jump back into our routine easier than I expect.

In the Myself Belts world, spring is an exciting time as we have just gotten in our new spring styles, and we are planning for the back to school season which is a busy time for us.  We are so thrilled about some great new developments in our business and the continual growth of Myself Belts.  Check our our new pastel flower, solid red canvas, and distressed leather belts.  They are a great addition to our Myself Belts assortment!

Happy Spring to you all!

Talia and Danielle

We have a winner!

Hi Everyone,

We had the best time with our January photo contest!  Customers sent incredible pictures of their kids in their Myself Belts.  Some serious, some funny, some clever, and some just downright adorable, we loved them all.  Our winner was selected at random, and won a Myself Belt of their choice.  For now, you can see many of the entries on the Myself Belts facebook page Look soon for our redesigned website with a page devoted to kids wearing their Myself Belts!  We had such a great time seeing Myself Belts in action, that there will definitely be more contests in the future.  Thank you for participating!

Happy February!

Talia and Danielle

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!  We are excited that 2010 has arrived and feel energized for what the new year will bring.  Vacation and holidays gave us the rest and change of pace that we needed after a hectic fall.   We all need downtime, sleep, and a change of pace to remind us of our goals and where we want to focus our energies.  This holiday season really did that for us and we are ready and eager for what is to come in this New Year.  It was fun to see that our kids had the same looks on their faces as they headed to school on this blustery morning- excited for what was to come.  We wish you all a fulfilling 2010!

All the best,

Talia and Danielle

Myself Belts is a People Magazine’s best gift pick for the holidays!!

Hi Everyone,

We are so excited to be a part of People Magazine’s annual gift guide!  What an honor to be a gift choice for little ones this season.

People Magazine selected our boy camo belt for their page, but any Myself Belt is a great gift option this holiday season.

We hope that all of our customers and friends are as thrilled as we are to see word spread about the benefits of Myself Belts.

Happy Holiday shopping!

Talia and Danielle

Road Trip a Success

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from our first holiday road trip and it was a success!  8 hours each way in the car and we arrived home with smiles.  I never would have imagined that it would have gone by so quickly and that we would be eagerly awaiting the next time.

I had talked about a game plan with lots of experienced friends and stocked up on the essentials.. lots of food(fruit, goldfish, chocolate, chips), new activity books, magnet books, movies, music but still worried if I had enough to entertain my 3 kids.  Shockingly, the DVD player was barely used as the kids preferred singing, playing the license plate game, and just looking out the window.  My 4 yr old fell asleep for a couple of hours so that was a treat for us all.  No one fought or argued, and somehow we all were happy in our space in the car.  The most requested song was “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

I hadn’t thought about how nice it would be to have some time with my hubby where we could just be and talk about whatever popped into our heads without the usual interruptions of life outside of the car.  Quality family time can take place anywhere, and doesn’t always have to be at a dinner table looking each other in the eye.  Driving on an endless highway can also provide meaningful memories and a chance to just “be” together.

Maybe there is a road trip in your future this holiday season.  If so, make sure to pack lots of food and some good tunes!


Jean Chatzky’s Entrepreneur Fridays

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to share some exciting news that happened last week.  We were featured on Jean Chatzky’s website as her entrepreneurs of the week!  We are both big fans of Jean and have watched her on the Today Show and listened to her on Oprah Radio.  It is so thrilling to know that she is a fan of Myself Belts and our mom entrepreneur story.  Check out the feature

We have had an exciting couple of weeks!  Hope it continues!

Enjoy your day!

Talia and Danielle

Madonna’s daughter Mercy “hearts” Myself Belts!


Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Hi Everyone,


So today was a fantastic day!  I love how each day starts and you have no idea what the day will bring.  Some are typical, some are tiring, and some are just straight out exciting.  Woke up, had breakfast, opened our email, and there it was… a picture of Madonna holding her daughter Mercy in Malawi and Mercy was wearing a Myself Belt!!!!  Seriously, couldn’t believe it.  We know that celebrity kids have Myself Belts and we have heard from many that they love our belt line.  But to see an actual picture was truly unbelievable!

I hope that all of you can share in our excitement that our idea, inspired by motherhood and a common parenting problem, had grown to a place that Madonna’s daughter was wearing our invention on the other side of the world!  We are not ashamed (but maybe just a little embarrassed) to say that we enjoy a good US Weekly read or a little visit to so for us this was pure fun.  Check out this great picture of Mercy wearing our Metallic Heart Myself Belt that started this exciting day.

Have a great Halloween weekend!

Talia and Danielle

Celebrity Gifts

2009backtoschool_collageHi Everyone,
Myself Belts was excited to be a part of the Jewels and Pinstripes Back To School Gift Bag. There were many celebrity recipients and so far we have heard that Denise Richards’ kids have enjoyed wearing the new Myself Belts! It is fun to see celeb kids wearing Myself Belts and hear about how our belts have helped their kids to feel good about themselves and their independence. We’ll let you know as we get more “thank you’s”!

Have a great week!
Talia and Danielle

Back To School

Hi Everyone,
It has been 2 weeks since our crew has started school and it is nice to be back into the post summer groove. There are so many emotions that come with dropping off your children for school. Whether it be a new school, new grade, or first day in kindergarten, there is so much that goes through our children’s heads when they head back to school as well as our own feelings about these milestones as parents.

For some parents, it is emotional and hard to separate from their preschoolers for the school day as we then look in the mirror and think “are they okay?” “do they need me anymore?” “who are we?” during these hours and “what do we do?” and simply “I miss them!” For others there is a feeling of success at having gotten our kids this far and having successfully meandered our way through the baby/toddler/sleepless/ and often overwhelming stages of early parenthood. Knowing that your kids are happy and safe in their new school is essential to a positive adjustment. Meeting teachers, parents, and hearing about your kids’ day help everyone to feel a part of the same school story.

We are enjoying the shift from our tiring summer fun, to some quiet moments not as moms, but just as people- where work can be done without guilt, a quick trip to the grocery store can be made(alone!), relationships with friends can be nurtured, and then we get to feel that excitement at 3:30 to pick up everyone and see their smiling faces and hear about everything that we missed!

Enjoy your back to school adventures!
Talia and Danielle

Dignity U Wear Donation

Hi Everyone-
Myself Belts recently gave 2,500 belts to Dignity U Wear, an organization that positively impacts the lives of children and their families in need by providing brand new clothing. This in turn, results in improvement of self-esteem, fosters better school performance and helps parents take better care of their families. Check out this great organization and see how you too can help kids in need!

This is the 3rd time that Myself Belts has donated to this wonderful organization. We love knowing that thousands of kids will be starting the school year with our independence boosting belts!

Happy Summer!
Talia and Danielle