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Mills Wear

We are so excited to announce our new uniform partner- Mills Wear!  This San Francisco based uniform company provides high quality, stylish uniform clothes via their retail locations and via sales reps to their school customers.  We are excited to be offering Myself Belts via their retail locations as well as to their schools.  Our Brown Leather Belt, Black Leather Belt, Navy Stripe Belt, and Solid Navy Belt are now available at all Mills Wear locations.  The locations of their stores are in CA, TX, GA, and Hawaii.  Happy Back to School Shopping!  Yes, we know it’s still sumer! :)


Summer is officially here! As parents we often have mixed emotions about summer. Love being more carefree and less scheduled, but also sometimes challenging to create the structure that our children need!   I think there is an adjustment period for parents of school age children as we ease into the new routine, camp schedule, or no schedule at all.

We have had 2 weeks of summer in our house so far and are getting into a bit of a rhythm. The library is our new favorite place and my kids have loved pouring themselves into some new books.  I have also found that they have found hidden gems in their closets- toys that they haven’t seen in awhile, birthday presents that were never opened, and with rules about screen time have been forced to be more imaginative and creative in their play.

Wishing you a fun beginning to your summer!   Before you know it, school will be here…

What Can You Do With One Hand?

We have launched a photo contest that we are so excited about!  It is a What Can You Do With One Hand photo contest and people can submit pictures of their kids doing fun things with one hand.  We have teamed up with great sponsors(Blumm, Step 2, and Livie & Luca) who have offered amazing prizes to 2 winners.  We know kids can used their Myself Belt with one hand(and of course we would love to see pictures of that!) but what else can they do??? We have had some terrific submissions so far with pictures showing kids holding their siblings, holding hands, and saying the pledge of allegiance.  Pictures can be submitted until April 20th and then voting will begin.  Join us in this fun contest!

Reading Aloud

Reading together is always a favorite time at our house.  Some of the best bonding that I have with my kids is reading aloud to them at bedtime.  Of course we all read to our kids when they are little, but there is something so special about enjoying longer books together as they get older.  These books sometimes take weeks to read.  Some of the timeless choices that we have read are Tumtum and Nutmeg for younger kids, the Hank Zipzer series for kids 1st-3rd grade, The Secret Garden for kids 3rd and 4th grade, and Harry Potter for older kids.

I am not big on grand traditions as a mom because the thought of that pressure is a little daunting.  But our reading routines have somehow become become a tradition that isn’t stress filled at all.  Reading our book together is something that we look forward to, make time for, and both cherish.  My youngest daughter makes sure that we have built in enough “reading time” when she is getting ready for bed and she is so disappointed on the nights that life gets in the way.   This week I started reading The Secret Garden to my youngest child.  This is the 3rd time aloud for me, but it is so special and so new because the little ears that are hearing it are hearing it for the first time, with such curiosity about what will happen next.

It’s hard with the hectic schedules that we all have to make room for the quiet times.  It, however, is so important for us all.  And we, as parents, get as much out of it as our kids.  Do you have any favorite books to share that you have enjoyed with your kids?

Partnering with Autism Speaks®

We are so excited to be partnering with Autism Speaks® this month!  Myself Belts is donating 25% of sales to Autism Speaks that use the code AUTISM during checkout.  Myself Belts were invented after discovering the need for an easy way to keep my son’s pants up when he was potty training.  It is so rewarding to know that our easy to close belt also can help make the day easier for people of all ages on the Autism Spectrum.

My daughter has autism and I think your belts are super!   I think your belts are wonderful for people with special needs or fine motor issues.  They truly can make life easier and more enjoyable for families with kids who can’t manage regular belts.  It affords kids the opportunity to wear so many more stylish pants instead of only elastic waist pants.  -A.R.


We love hearing from customers who our belts have helped and are so grateful to be able to expand awareness with the help of Autism Speaks and in turn support their great organization.  So shop away and help Autism Speaks® at the same time!


The Myself Belts office just discovered a website that we LOVE!  We thought we would share our find with you.  Have you heard of Frecklebox?  It is a a great online store for that perfect, memorable gift for a young child.  Great gifts for baby, toddler, or elementary age child.  Whether it is a personalized book, binder, stickers, or lunchbox, or something decorative for their room, the options on Frecklebox are adorable.  A unique, thoughtful gift, what’s better than that? Happy Shopping!

Picture of Rockstar NotebookPicture of Rainbow ClipboardPicture of Sports Gift Stickers

A Wider Reach

When we invented Myself Belts many years ago, it was to help my typical potty training toddler. We knew, however, at that time that the innovative belt closure could benefit a wider group of people with many types of challenges. The fact that Myself Belts has helped the special needs community is one of the most meaningful things in running our business. Whether it is someone in the autism community, CP, downs syndrome, or a congenital issue that has affected hand function, Myself Belts has made dressing easier.

We have loved hearing from parents whose children and teenagers who have been helped by Myself Belts or adults who had to wear elastic waist pants since they could no longer buckle a belt, but can now wear pants with belt loops again. Hearing the pride that Myself Belts has nurtured is so special and meaningful for all of us. This Thanksgiving, I am reflecting on the unexpected impact that Myself Belts has had in helping people in the special needs community and the gratitude that we all feel at Myself Belts for the many customers who have reached out and told us how much they appreciate our invention.

Time to buy pants

Do you your kids have the same resistance to the change of seasons that mine do? They are so opposed to transition to long pants! It is funny. I am always eager to change seasons and change wardrobes, but not my children. It’s like long pants and long sleeves have become so foreign to them that they don’t like how they feel. I remember when one of my kids was in preschool and it was time to transition to fall clothes.  It took a few cold days for him to agree to put on pants so I had to find some that he would like.  My kids are on the slim side so when they were little I had to look for elastic waist pants or slim pants.   Now, thanks to Myself Belts there is more flexibility, but I am always on the prowl for some styles that will work well for my kids. My fave every year is the Gap Corduroy. While they aren’t specifically slim pants or elastic waist pants, they have a great fit and are super comfortable.  I buy them every year in a few colors.  It’s nice to have a “go to” that I know will be comfortable and will fit well, especially with a cute Myself Belt!  Good luck with your children’s transitioning wardrobe!

Money, Money, Money

School is back in session and we are all getting back to our routines. My kids have been talking about allowance and although the routine of this often comes and goes, we are going to try to stick with it this time!

Here are some tips I have about allowance that have worked for my family.

1) My experience as a parent has been to have a given allowance for each child depending on their age. Perhaps a toddler or preschooler gets $1, older school age child $3, and teenager $5. We post their name and allowance per week on a big white board. When something happens during the week that is not up to the standards that have been set, there can be allowance subtractions! I write the amount of money to be subtracted and the reason. I think sometimes seeing the reason in writing can help reduce its occurrence. So if my child sees “fighting with sister” or “talking back”, they may be more likely to reduce this behavior over time. When we have been consistent with this plan, we have seen success.

2)Consistency. If chores have to be done in order to get allowance, make sure that the kids are really holding up their end of the deal. If payday is Friday, make sure that it is consistent and that allowance isn’t added up over time and then paid. The weekly routine is important.

3)What is the money for? Make sure that your kids know that they will need to use their own money for certain items that you will no longer pay for now that they earn some money of their own. Spending their own money alters choices and makes kids value things differently. Making these spending choices is important and allowance give kids the chance to practice this.


4) Saving and donating. Check out one of my favorite new discoveries, the Money Savvy Pig Bank. What a great way for kids to learn about saving, spending, investing, and donating. There are 4 slots in the bank to divide the money for different purposes. Love! They even have cute sports themed banks for your sporty kids.

Back to School Photo Contest

We are so excited to debut a new contest. Let’s celebrate the Back To School Season!  Submit a back to school photo of your child to enter to win great prizes. Prizes include gift certificates to Makaboo(one of our favorite places to buy that special gift) to Myself Belts, and a Kindle Fire!  You may see some of the cute pics on our Facebook page or website.  We love seeing the adorable submissions and comments.  Some of the pics show their child wearing their new Myself Belt which is fun to see.  We hope you will participate in the contest and show your proud preschooler!