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What Can You Do With One Hand?

We have launched a photo contest that we are so excited about!  It is a What Can You Do With One Hand photo contest and people can submit pictures of their kids doing fun things with one hand.  We have teamed up with great sponsors(Blumm, Step 2, and Livie & Luca) who have offered amazing prizes to 2 winners.  We know kids can used their Myself Belt with one hand(and of course we would love to see pictures of that!) but what else can they do??? We have had some terrific submissions so far with pictures showing kids holding their siblings, holding hands, and saying the pledge of allegiance.  Pictures can be submitted until April 20th and then voting will begin.  Join us in this fun contest!

Partnering with Autism Speaks®

We are so excited to be partnering with Autism Speaks® this month!  Myself Belts is donating 25% of sales to Autism Speaks that use the code AUTISM during checkout.  Myself Belts were invented after discovering the need for an easy way to keep my son’s pants up when he was potty training.  It is so rewarding to know that our easy to close belt also can help make the day easier for people of all ages on the Autism Spectrum.

My daughter has autism and I think your belts are super!   I think your belts are wonderful for people with special needs or fine motor issues.  They truly can make life easier and more enjoyable for families with kids who can’t manage regular belts.  It affords kids the opportunity to wear so many more stylish pants instead of only elastic waist pants.  -A.R.


We love hearing from customers who our belts have helped and are so grateful to be able to expand awareness with the help of Autism Speaks and in turn support their great organization.  So shop away and help Autism Speaks® at the same time!

Back to School Photo Contest

We are so excited to debut a new contest. Let’s celebrate the Back To School Season!  Submit a back to school photo of your child to enter to win great prizes. Prizes include gift certificates to Makaboo(one of our favorite places to buy that special gift) to Myself Belts, and a Kindle Fire!  You may see some of the cute pics on our Facebook page or website.  We love seeing the adorable submissions and comments.  Some of the pics show their child wearing their new Myself Belt which is fun to see.  We hope you will participate in the contest and show your proud preschooler!

Rainbow Loom-Fun for all!

So, as many of you may know, a new craze is quickly moving across the country.  Our kids have been caught up in the excitement of the Rainbow Loom!  A fun bracelet making activity that is great for all ages.  In my house, we are all adorned with bracelets and anklets, and even Dad’s have been seen walking around town in their kid’s creations.  For the summer of 2013, the Rainbow Loom has been THE activity.  It has created hours of fun for both for boys and girls.  Younger children can do simpler patterns and there are also more complex projects for older kids and teens.  It really is contagious and so if you haven’t heard of it, we thought we would share this great activity for kids with you!  You could even match your Rainbow Loom creation with your Myself Belt!  Once in a while, a product just hits and spreads like wildfire- this seems to be the thing for 2013.

All things construction

I recently discovered this cute product line!  When Myself Belts were invented, we wanted to make sure that our belt designs were things that toddlers and young children would be excited to wear and use.  We wanted them to be fun, whimsical, and along the line of the obsessions that many young children have.  Firetrucks, Hearts, Bugs, and Construction Vehicles.  A company called Constructive Eating has done the same thing.  What little boy obsessed with all things construction, wouldn’t be excited to eat their veggies with these cute utensils!  We love seeing other creative child inspired businesses and love sharing our finds with you!

New Videos

We are so excited to share new videos on our website that make using and understanding the benefits of Myself Belts even easier.  The videos are embedded into our site, but can also be seen on our You Tube channel.  We have videos showing how our buckle works and how the belts works (there are videos for kids, teens, and adults).  We also have videos to help with sizing which answers the common question of “What size belt should I buy?”.  Check out the Myself Belts You Tube Channel to see of our new informative videos!


We had such an amazing response to our “What Can You Do With One Hand Contest!”  We may have to make it an annual event as we loved seeing all of the creative submissions.  Some of our favorite entries were of kids who could do amazing things with one-hand because they have to, as they only have one working hand.  Check out Emma- she came in a close 2nd in the voting part of the contest.  Her video is pretty great!  So impressed!

There were a few other inspirational kids that we will post as well.  One even submitted his skill of putting on his Myself Belt independently- pretty incredible.  The pride he felt when he was finished could be felt by all of us who watched him.  Thanks to all who participated in our contest!

New Contest!!

We have a fun, new contest that we are so excited about!!  The theme is What can you do with One Hand?  As you know, fastening a Myself Belt is easy as it only requires one hand.  The idea for the contest is to think of all kinds of things that toddlers, preschoolers, and all kids can do with only one hand!   Eating, flying a kite, holding hands with a friend, using their Myself Belt- are all great ideas.

We are so excited to see all of the photo and video submissions that people send in(submit through the end of February)!   There will be 2 winners.  A random winner and a creative winner based on votes during a voting period.  We have lots of prizes including Myself Belts, and Kandoo and Boogie Wipes basket of goodies worth $100, and a cash prize of $200!  Enter the contest today!


New Arrival!

One of our new belts has appeared for spring!  It is an old favorite, our navy/green colorblock belt has returned.  It has been gone for a couple of years, but was missed so it is back!  We are also excited for 2 other new styles to arrive in about 2 weeks so stay tuned!  We have 2 new fun and fashionable styles that you will love.  We can’t wait for you to see them!  Spring is in the air….well, almost!

Holiday Giving

This is an exciting time of year for many reasons at Myself Belts. We love the hustle and bustle of sending off holiday gifts and writing gift notes. We also love giving ourselves. This is the time of year where we donate belts to those in need through the Head Start program. Head Start prepares its students for school and helps lay the groundwork for school success. It is the perfect location for us to donate Myself Belts and help promote independence for its students.

Donating days are a highlight for us as we make it a field trip! We like to size the belts on kids personally to make sure the belts fit correctly and to make sure that the children get a style that they like. It is so fun to see the kids faces as they walk away wearing their new belt, standing a little taller.

Join Myself Belts in helping kids to feel good about themselves and become independent. For every book you purchase on, Myself Belts will donate one belt to a Head Start child!